Go Green (Electronics Recycling)


The Challenge of E-Waste

Our daily lives now cannot function without the use of electronic devices like our smartphones and tablets. These devices are frequently changed before they reach the end of their useful lives due to our continual usage and the numerous releases throughout each year. Every year, new devices released, which leads to an increase in the number of phones on the market and an increase in e-waste in our environment.

As a consequence, we have a lot of devices sitting around in our houses. More than 11 million phones are produced each month, and there are already 500 million phones available for recycling in the US alone.

To make conditions more severe, approximately 151 million smartphones—or about 416,000 phones every day—are discarded in the US annually. When upgrading to a new model, the majority of consumers don’t know what to do with their used equipment, which leads to incorrect disposal or collection in a rubbish drawer.

At Disrupt Repairs We Encourage
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

With previous devices, we have many of possibilities. Numerous gadgets are reset, refreshed, updated, and upgraded. We are able to provide desktop and computer equipment to individuals in need, such as senior communities. Any additional items that we are unable to use can be scrapped for pieces that could be used for subsequent repairs. Additionally, we’ve teamed up with Call2Recycle to take single-use batteries, rechargeables, and other multipurpose devices. Always practise “reduce, reuse, recycle”

✅What we accept:

Smart Phones
Game Consoles

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